Win 200% more website leads

Customer engagement rate on text is 7x higher than email. Tellhop’s “Text us” website button lets you conduct the conversation over text, even after they’ve left your site.
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How to get a ‘Text us’ button for your website

Getting a ‘Text us’ button is fast and easy and can be customized to match your website.

1. Create your account

Get a new local number or use an existing one.

2. Once in the app, request a button

As part of our onboarding checklist, you’ll see an option to request a ‘Text us’ button—select it.

3. Our team will customize & share

Our team will find your website, match the button to your brand, and email instructions for adding it.

Why should I get a “Text us” button for my website?


Land more leads

Tellhop’s reply automation makes sure when website leads reach out, they’re instantly engaged so they don’t move on to the next business.

Pre-qualify leads without wasting time

Customizable, automated intake questions help you get the information you need to pre-qualify incoming leads.

Get happier customers

Quick responses and self-service text options are what today’s customers want.

Get a “Text us” website button and start closing more leads today

Setup takes less than 5-minutes. Get started with your 7-day free trial today.


Can I use the same number I have right now?
Yes! We can port your phone number, free of charge, though it can take up to 4 weeks and we’ll need information from you and a signed letter of authorization. We highly recommend you swapping out your old number or at the very least, getting a temporary new number that you can list on Yelp, Google, and other places new customers find your business. This will also give you an idea of how many customers your getting from each site.
Can I have more than one person on the same line?
Yes. With Tellhop, partners and employees can add the app directly to their personal phones (or access via computer) to make sure all business calls and texts are always coming from your business phone number. 
Can I customize my text menu?
Absolutely. You can ask for single replies, which allow you to send back one result, like if a customer wanted to know business hours. Or request a more complex series of replies for something like book an appointment which might have several back and forth questions like customer’s name, services they want to book, desired date and time, etc.
Is there a contract?
There is not! You can cancel anytime without penalty. Though when you signup, we do ask that you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service like all other software and apps you use today.
Is it month-to-month or annual?
Today all we do is month to month, though if you’ve talked to one of our sales reps and they’ve offered you something special, just let us know:
How will it work with my landline?
You have a few options. Tellhop is a complete phone system that lets you make and receive calls and texts so you can ditch the landline, save some money each month, and add the app to existing cell phones and computers. You can also transfer your existing landline number so you don’t have to change any of your signs or business cards. If you’d like to keep the landline, you can forward incoming calls to your Tellhop number. That way you can ring as many phones as you’d like when someone is calling and take advantage of our missed call automations. If you’d like the landline to ring (as the only or one of many phones that rings when someone calls), you can get a new phone number through Tellhop and add your old landline’s number to the list of phone numbers to ring when someone calls. In this case, you should also swap all public facing sites and collateral to your new Tellhop number so you can take advantage of our missed call automations. The last option is to add on our text services to your existing landline. However, because people are calling a different phone, we will not be able to detect missed calls so you will not be able to enable any call based auto-replies. So if you just want to “add text” to your landline, this is a good solution, though most businesses tell us it’s the missed call automation that gets them more business and saves them time.

We’re here for you

As a Tellhop customer, you’ll have white glove onboarding and dedicated customer support—email, text, call, whatever you prefer!