5-Ways text messaging can improve your small businesses bottom line

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Kelly McGrain
Kelly McGrain

As a small business owner, you're always looking for new ways to improve your bottom line. One strategy that you might not have considered is text messaging! Whether your business does not engage with customers over text today, or texts minimally, in this blog post we'll explore some stats that demonstrate how text messaging can improve your business's bottom line and how Tellhop—a smart phone system app for small businesses that automates text replies—can help boost that even further.

1. Text messaging has a high open rate

One of the biggest advantages of text messaging is that it has a very high open rate. According to a report by EZ Texting, the average open rate for text messages is 98%. This means that almost all of the messages you send to your customers will be read, making it 7x more effective than email, and 3x more effective than a phone call. Whether you’re following up with a lead, or letting an existing customer know about a sale, text is your best vehicle to reach them.

2. Text messaging can increase sales

Text messaging can also be a powerful tool for increasing sales. According to a report by Business.com, businesses that use text messaging for marketing see an average conversion rate of 32%. This means that almost 1 in 3 customers who receive a text message from a business will take action, such as making a purchase or visiting a store. With Tellhop's automated instant text replies, you can easily follow up with potential customers and increase your chances of making a sale, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Text messaging can improve customer engagement

Engaging with customers is essential for building strong relationships and increasing customer loyalty. Text messaging can be a highly effective way to engage with customers, especially when using Tellhop's automation features. According to a report by SimpleTexting, customers who receive text messages from businesses are 40% more likely to respond than those who receive emails. This means that text messaging, with the help of Tellhop, can be an effective way to start conversations with customers, build relationships, and help customers get to the info they need even when you’re closed for the day. 

4. Text messaging can reduce your costs

Sending text messages is generally much cheaper than other marketing strategies, such as direct mail or email marketing. According to a report by Gartner, the cost of sending a text message is only a few cents per message, compared to up to $1 per email. This means that businesses can save money on marketing costs by using text messaging, especially with the help of Tellhop's automation features that save teams on average 2-hours a week. 

5. Text messaging can improve customer satisfaction

Finally, text messaging can also improve customer satisfaction. According to a report by Zipwhip, customers who receive text messages from businesses are more satisfied than those who do not. This is because the ability for your customers to get the answer they need, place an order, schedule an appointment, or provide the information needed to create an estimate on their time table not only makes them happy, but stops them from calling the next business, all without you having to pick up the phone. With Tellhop's instant text replies, you can get happier customers, without adding extra work to your or your employees plates.

A common misconception for many small business owners is that they cannot text with customers because they have a landline. However, systems like Tellhop can transfer your existing number over and either fully replace your landline (without the need for new equipment—that app can be added to cell phones and accessed via computer), or can add on text function to your existing landline at a very low cost. Some businesses choose to get an entirely new number for texting with customers, which can be smart as marketing text messages have different rules and regulations, so it’s best to think through how you’ll use text messaging for your business when making a decision.

Text messaging, with the help of Tellhop's automation features, can be a powerful tool for improving your business's bottom line. If you're not already using text messaging as part of your marketing strategy, consider using Tellhop to automate your instant text replies, communicate via 2-way texting, or to send the occasional sale or booking reminder. Text only plans start as low as $5 a month so it’s a no brainer for any businesses who wants an easy way to add to their bottom line.

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