Enable Tellhop's Procore integration

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Kelly McGrain
Kelly McGrain

To start updating Procore via your Tellhop AI assistant, visit https://web.tellhop.com/?app_flavor=ai_construction_admin and press the "Try for Free" button.

You'll authenticate with Procore, so that your AI assistant can make updates to your Procore records on your behalf. Once you've done that, you'll need to complete registration within Tellhop. After you've completed registration, you'll get your first text from your AI assistant and can start communicating with that phone number to make project tracking a breeze!

Wondering what the updates will look like? Don't worry, your AI assistant will show or tell you what it's planning to update for approval before any records sync to Procore. Once they're in the system, you can go in and view them anytime.

For questions, reach out to us here: help@tellhop.com

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