Want to text or call in your Procore updates?

With Tellhop, get a “virtual AI admin” you can text or call to create daily logs in Procore, remind you about things, and follow up with others.
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Easy to set up, even easier to use.

Tellhop is the easiest way to do less paperwork & follow up. Get started in less than 5 minutes!

1. Create your account

Create a free account in 3 simple steps

2. Sign into Procore

Authenticate with your Procore account so your admin can make the updates you share

3. Start texting your admin

Your admin will reach out via text. Tell it what to do and start saving time immediately!


How does it work?

Today, when you sign up for Tellhop you’ll be assigned a “virtual AI admin” who will reach out to you via text message. From there, you can chat with your admin and ask it to do stuff for you.

To start with, your admin will be able to make updates to anything in the daily log (progress, timecards, weather, etc.) within Procore. So you can text it something like, “6 guys on 123 Main Street today, we finished the foundational pour” and it will add that update to your daily log.

Your admin will also be able to add photos you text, and export the log as a PDF and email it.

Separate from Procore, you can also ask it to set reminders for you.

We’re training your admin to do more, and as it learns, it will let you know! Some of the things we’re in the process of teaching it:

  1. 1. Update more record types in Procore
  2. 2. Ability to send text reminders to other people (so you don’t have to chase people for answers)
  3. 3. Ability to confirm upcoming schedules.

Something you want that you don’t see? Let us know ( and we’ll prioritize it!

Can other people ask my admin to make Procore updates?
No, only you can tell your AI admin to make updates because we would not want someone else to update records who did not have permission. If someone else on your team wants to text in updates, just tell them to sign up! If you’d like others to be able to make updates, please reach out and let us know (
Can other people text or call my admin?

Yes, though initially the admin won’t be able to do anything helpful for you, people will just be able to text her if you share her contact with them.

Once we finish training your admin on how to follow up with others for reminders, or to “chase” them about schedules or questions, your admin will be more helpful when communicating with others as your admin will pass on messages directly to you so you can instruct it to log something into Procore or follow up again. For example, if you ask your admin to text all the scheduled workers to get their hours, and what they did, it can get that info and update it in Procore once you approve.

Who am I actually communicating with?

Your “virtual AI admin” is a smart assistant like Siri or Alexa. It’s based on the technology built by OpenAI called ChatGPT, but we’ve trained it to understand Procore and construction. Like a newbie in the industry, it needs to learn a lot more, but should be able to help you save time from day 1 on basic admin tasks.

Eventually, you’ll be able to name your “virtual AI admin” and assign it a voice. We’ll also be working on letting you train your admin so it gets better and better. The hope is someday your admin could field all your incoming calls, texts, and emails to help save you time and make sure your focus is on the important stuff!

How much does this cost?

In the beta, the app is completely free as we’d like to work with you make a great product that really helps you save time and offload the tedious admin work. As a thank you, anyone in the beta will also receive a discount when we do start to charge.

We haven’t figured out the price yet, but it will not be crazy, and it will not require a long term contract. We’ll for sure provide discounts for people who help spread the word by sharing the app with others.

No app. No process. Just text.

Join other supers and foremen around the US working smarter, not harder. Get your free “virtual AI admin” to save time and get home earlier.

We’re here

We realize not all things can be solved with bots and help articles. We’re here to hop on a call, email, or text to answer your questions.