Blow past your quota by doing less work 🤯

Tellhop is a ChatGPT powered sales co-pilot that takes on the tedious, time-consuming parts of your sales job so you can focus on building relationships and generating revenue.
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Supercharge your sales game

Tell your AI assistant to get you Salesforce data, update records, or follow up via email, text, or phone with team mates or prospects to move deals forward faster.

Accelerate Pipeline Conversion with Your Personal AI Sales Admin

Increase Efficiency

Streamline Salesforce workflow: extract insights effortlessly and simplify data updates with Tellhop's conversational UI.

Enhance Productivity

Tell your AI admin to do it: delegate follow-ups with leads, customers, and team members to get more down with less effort.

Propel Revenue

Drive revenue growth: maximize lead engagement with personalized outreach and automated, multi-channel touch.

Why sales professionals love Tellhop


Automated follow up

Get your AI-powered admin to handle the grunt work while you focus on what you do best: building relationships, closing deals, and exceeding targets.

Quick insights anywhere

Gain instant access to buried notes and insights in Salesforce simply by asking your AI admin, empowering you to retrieve info on the go, and close deals with confidence.

Easy reminders

Leverage the convenience of requesting text-based reminders from your AI admin to effortlessly stay on top of important tasks and opportunities.

Outsource the paperwork

Accelerate deal velocity by outsourcing Salesforce updates and contract creation, freeing up your time to close sales faster.

Stop wasting time on the tedious tasks

Let Tellhop, your ChatGPT powered sales co-pilot, tackle the time-consuming aspects of your sales job, empowering you to prioritize relationship-building and revenue generation.

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Busy? That’s what we help with! After you set up your account, just tell your admin what to do, and it will get smarter as it learns more.

1. Create an account

Use your Salesforce login to create an account

2. Set up your AI admin

Set up your admin so it knows your style and communication preferences

3. Ask it to do things

Tell your admin what you need and start saving hours!

Simple, transparent pricing


1 individual
90 updates a month
Salesforce integration
Text & email follow up †


/month billed annually
team members, 3-user minimum
Everything in Solo, plus:
250 updates
Email, text, & call follow up †


for a custom plan
Customize a plan to fit your needs. Minimum 20 users.
Everything in Team, plus:
Unlimited updates
Unlimited follow ups
Local phone number are an additional $10/ month each with a one time setup fee of $20

Plans include a toll-free number for your AI admin, plus:

AI admins for every user
Text, email, and phone reminders
Mobile & desktop apps
Stellar email based support
Salesforce integration
Webinars and training material
† Solo and Team plans have monthly text, email, and phone follow up volume limits. Fair Use Policy applies for unlimited call and unlimited text plans. Mobile data charges may apply.

We’re here for you

As a Tellhop customer, you’ll have white glove onboarding and dedicated customer support—email, text, call, whatever you prefer!